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Peer Nutrition Educators

Peer Nutrition Educators are nutrition and dietetics students who work with the UGA Dining Services' and the University Health Center’s Registered Dietitians to offer fun and informative programs to any interested student group.

Popular program topics include Healthy Weight Management and Eating on the Run, although other topics are available upon request. To schedule a program call: UGA Dining Services at (706) 542-7313 or the University Health Center at (706) 542-8690.

1-on-1 Nutrition Advisement is also available through the Peer Nutrition Educators.  Sessions are 40 minutes long, free to UGA students, and include nutrition assessment and goal setting.  Sessions are supervised by the Registered Dietitians of UGA Dining Services and the University Health Center.  To schedule an advisement session, please email: pneadvisement@gmail.com