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Build Your Plate

This interactive web feature provides an easy way to navigate through menu options and calculate nutritional information for items found in the dining commons. Diners have two options for viewing nutrition information: by selecting a single item or by assembling a meal from multiple items.
To begin building your plate, simply select one of the dining commons below and select a meal period. You are then ready to begin assembling your meal by selecting menu items and clicking “Add to Plate”. If you wish to remove a food from your plate, simply click the “x” next to the appropriate item.
Bolton Dining Commons
Oglethorpe Dining Commons
Snelling Dining Commons
The Village Summit
The Niche 
We also offer a mobile version of Build Your Plate which is accessible on any smartphone or tablet. Visit ltbde.com from your mobile device, select "Build Your Plate" and then navigate through the calendar, locations and menus to see nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information.