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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a meal plan? 
You can purchase a meal plan online, through the Food Services Administrative office on the lower level of Snelling Dining Commons, or by mail. If you purchase a meal plan online, the charge will be added to your student account. Payment deadlines and more information about your Student Account are available at the Bursar's Office.  Be sure to check your student account after your purchase to verify that you fall under the standard deadlines. To purchase by mail, you may print, sign, and mail the meal plan contract to:
    Food Services Administration 
    Snelling Hall 
    University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602
How do I upgrade my meal plan?

If you wish to upgrade your All-Access 7-Day Plan to the All-Access 7-Day Plus Plan or your All-Access 5-Day Plan to the All-Access 7-Day Plan, All-Access 5-Day Plus Plan, or the All-Access 7-Day Plus Plan you may do soonline.

All other upgrades must be done by contacting the Food Service Administration Office either by phone at (706) 542-1256 or by visiting the office on the lower level of Snelling Dining Commons. If you have any additional questions you may contact Food Services by email at FS-mealplaninfo@listserv.uga.edu 

How do I access the dining commons?
Your meal plan is valid in any of our five dining commons. Access is allowed by swiping your UGA ID card or inputting your student ID number on the keypad and then placing your hand on the reader to verify your ID. Paw Points may be used in any UGA Food Service location or Vending. Paw Points are accessible via your UGA ID card. When making purchases at our locations, please specify if you would like to use your Paw Points or Bulldog Bucks account. Please visit our Hours page for more information about dining commons and retail hours of operation. 
How do I know if I successfully acquired a meal plan online and when can I begin dining? 
After you sign up for a meal plan, you will receive a confirmation email and number. This means your meal plan contract was activated and you can immediately begin dining provided, of course, that the dining locations are open and serving. If you purchase a meal plan prior to its start date, your plan will not be active until the first serving day of your contract (ex. if you purchase a summer plan in spring, the summer plan will not activate until the first serving day of your chosen plan).  
What's the difference between Paw Points and Bulldog Bucks?
Paw Points purchases are a part of certain meal plans. Because meal plans are tax free, you will not pay tax on purchases made with Paw Points. The points are also designated for purchases at Food Services' locations and Vending only. Bulldog Bucks is an online account-based debit card program which you can use to pay for laundry, printing, and at on and off-campus merchants. Bulldog Bucks purchases are not a part of the meal plan and are subject to tax. 
How do I view my Paw Point balance?
Balances can be viewed through the Blackboard Transact eAccounts App available in the App Store.
What happens if I don't use all my blocks by the end of a semester?
Unused blocks at the end of Fall and Spring semester will expire so be sure to use any remaining blocks by the end of each semester.  

What happens if I don't use all my Paw Points by the end of a semester?
Unused points at the end of Fall semester will be added to Spring semester's balance. Dont worry about having to use them before the end of the academic year though, as your Paw Points will now remain active for one calendar year past your last use of Paw Points. Even if you have graduated or are no longer on the meal plan, your unused Paw Points are still available as long as your ID card is active during that time period.
When will meal plan charges post to my account?
If you acquire a meal plan online before 5:30pm, Mon-Friday, the charge should post to your student account the next business day. If after 5:30pm, the charge should post the second business day. If you acquire a meal plan after 5:30pm on Friday and before 5:30pm on Monday, the charge will not post until Tuesday. 
How do I pay for my meal plan?
Meal plan fees are added to your student account and need to be paid in accordance with Bursar payment instructions sent to your UGA email. If you pay via my.uga.edu with a credit card (MC, Discover, AMEX), the total cost plus a 3% fee will be additionally charged. You may mail a check to the Bursar for your meal plan. Make your check payable to The University of Georgia and mail it to:
   UGA Bursar's Office
   105 Business Services Building 
   Athens, GA 30602-4227
Include the student's name and last four digits of their SSN on the check.
Can I purchase a meal plan anytime during the year?
Yes, you can purchase a meal plan after meal plan service has begun. However, the cost for the meal plan remains the full amount for the first 21 days of meal service. After that time, the cost will be pro-rated. This means that with each passing day, the cost to purchase a meal plan will lessen from the full amount by one day's cost at the daily meal plan rate for either the 5-day or 7-day meal plan. Note: because the meal plan cost stays the same for the first three weeks, there is no cost advantage in waiting to get on the meal plan unless you have no choice due to funds availability. 
If I did not have a meal plan in Fall semester but get one for Spring semester, what is my financial and time commitment?
You are responsible for only one-half of the total academic year meal price - one semester's cost only. Your meal plan agreement will expire on the last day of Spring semester meal plan service. Your academic year meal plan will not carry over to the next Summer or Fall semester.  
If I'm on the meal plan, but have a conflict such as student teaching, studying abroad, an approved internship or graduation during one semester, how do I handle this?
If you will be on the meal plan for Fall semester, but one of these conflicts occurs during Spring semester then go ahead and sign up for the academic year contract. Once charges have posted to your account for Spring semester (usually late October or early November), visit the Food Service Admin Office on the lower level of Snelling Dining Commons. If you are student teaching or studying abroad, you will need to bring documentation from your advisor verifying the conflict. If you are graduating, you will need to fill out a verification form in our office. Upon verification with the Registrar, the spring portion of your meal plan will be cancelled at no cost. If your approved internship is scheduled for just a part of the Spring semester, please bring documentation from your advisor indicating the dates of your internship. Food Services can adjust the Spring semester charges to reflect those dates that you are not participating in your internship to allow you to participate in the meal plan. 
If one of these conflicts occurs during Fall semester and you only can be on the meal plan during Spring semester, just complete the academic meal plan contract before the start of Spring semester. Your meal plan charge will be only for Spring semester. 
Please note: If you are student teaching locally and want to remain on the meal plan, arrangements can be made to provide you with an off-site meal during the conflicting meal period. 
If my classes are cancelled for non-payment and I have a meal plan, is my meal plan cancelled or will I be denied access to the dining commons?
If your classes are cancelled, you may continue to dine up until re-instatement of your classes is no longer available. You will receive an email from Food Services advising that your meal plan is in jeopardy of being cancelled. If your meal plan is cancelled due to non-payment, you will be denied access to the dining commons and you will owe the Bursar the payment on your meal plan. Should you decide to withdraw from the University before this action is taken, please contact Food Services so the withdrawal can be verified with the Registrar and the appropriate refunds can be processed. 
Will I be able to eat if the University closes for inclement weather?
Yes, please view our inclement weather policy for more information. 
Can I work for Food Services?
Yes, UGA Food Services offers great student employment opportunities. Visit our Employment Page for more information.