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Frequently Asked Questions

How may I sign up for a meal plan?

Signing up for a meal plan is easy. Simply sign up online or by mail.
You can even sign up from a mobile device. Simply visit www.foodservice.uga.edu from your smartphone or tablet and click on "Purchase/Upgrade a Meal Plan".
The meal plan is an academic year contract that is payable through the Student Account System. Once you have purchased your meal plan contract, your billing is posted on your Student Account. Payment deadlines and more information about your student account are available at the Bursar's Office.  Be sure to check your student account after your purchase to verify that you fall under the standard deadlines.


What is the cost of the meal plan?

For the 2015-2016 academic year, the 7-Day Plan is $3,956.00 (two payments of $1,978.00/semester) and the 5-Day Plan is $3,754.00 (two payments of $1,877.00/semester)

For more information on serving days, visit our Meal Plan Page.


Which meal plan is the best buy?

The 7-Day meal plan offers the best value by providing 18 weekends of meal service for only $101 a semester more than the 5-Day meal plan.


How may I upgrade my meal plan from a 5-Day to a 7-Day?

You may upgrade your meal plan online or upgrade from any mobile device by simply visiting www.foodservice.uga.edu clicking on "Purchase/Upgrade a Meal Plan".


How do I pay for my meal plan?

Meal Plan charges are placed on your student account and all fees are payable to the Bursar’s Office.


When will my charges post to my student account?

Check the bursar's office website for information on student account billing.


When can I begin eating?

You can begin eating immediately after you purchase your meal plan. So go ahead and stop by the nearest dining commons and enjoy!


How do I get into the dining commons?

Access is allowed by swiping your ID card or inputting your student ID number on the keypad and then placing your hand on the reader to validate that you are a customer.


What is on the menu for today?

You can easily find out what items are on the menu by visting our Locations Page and selecting one of the dining commons on the left sidebar. Once you've selected a dining commons, use the tabs at the top of the page to choose a meal period. To see the nutritional analysis of your meal, simply click on a menu item, click on "Add to Plate", and then click on your next menu item. 


Will I be able to eat if it snows?

The five dining commons will provide meal plan service even when the University officially closes for inclement weather conditions. The department will delay opening on these days by one hour.

Example: Weekday breakfast would begin at 8:00am instead of 7:00am. Weekend breakfast would begin at 9:30am instead of 8:30am.

The department may also opt to close Snelling Dining Commons and the Village Summit at Joe Frank Harris Commons at 8:00pm if weather conditions are extreme.The Niche will delay opening for breakfast by one hour and will close at 6:00pm. If inclement weather occurs on a weekend, The Village Summit and Oglethorpe will delay opening by one hour, but Snelling, Bolton, and the Niche will remain closed.

All Food Services Retail Operations are closed on days when the University is officially closed due to inclement weather.


Are there student employment opportunities?

Yes, UGA Food Services offers great student employment opportunities. Visit our Employment Page for more information.


What does “Your Award Winning Food Services” mean?

The Food Service program here at the University of Georgia is nationally recognized as being one of the best in the nation. Since 1986 the department has received 71 Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards for Excellence, the National Restaurant Association Great Menu Design Award, the Food Management Industry Leadership Award, the IFMA Silver Plate Award for College Food Service Operator of the Year – 2002, and the prestigious Ivy Award for Excellence. The department has also received 18 culinary awards including the Bronze Medallion at the National NACUFS Culinary Challenge. Since 2001 our culinary team has competed in every Regional NACUFS Culinary Challenge and has received 7 Silver Medallions and 11 Bronze Medallions. We encourage you to come dine with us and meet our staff. We think you'll find our professionalism and dedication to service parallels the mission of the University of Georgia.